Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ray's Taste Testing

Finally, after The 750, the pub in the Graduate Community Center, closed around the end of the 08-09 academic year, there is now a new restaurant in the space! Ray Klein, owner of the Treehouse and CoHo has opened a new restaurant called Ray's where The 750 used to be. On 10/16/09 I attended the inaugural taste testing event and I can report that the food is good and the prices reasonable! The menu is very similar to the Treehouse menu with some new additions like fish & chips and pastries. Ray's is also serving coffee drinks and plans to have a good assortment of beers available including my favorite, Dog Fishhead Palo Santo Marron! Ray's also features a whole new look and feel that makes the venue much more welcoming. The bar has been stained a much darker color, there is a new matching dark wood floor, and the furniture has been replaced with much comfortable and cozy chairs and tables! Make sure to visit Ray's the next time you are at the GCC!

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